Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cheers !!!!!

“Mere kareeb na aao ke mein sharabi hu” !!!! Chill gals not to worry about :) :) U may on.........

Well, it's just as i love freaking out with allies having glass of wine in hand. Now-a-days would love to have beer 'coz it's so hot man. Sweating makes me stiff ^ ^ !!! And yeah I was so busy with high tough schedule of life and been busy for long span that's y couldn't update my blog .

But guys I want a favour from u all, temme how many of you relish urself with wine or beer in the evening. I believe this is the best time to get drown in ur innerself. Arz hae........

Na jane use kaisa hunar aata hae,
Shaam hoti hae to dil mei utar aata hae !!!

It has been written to me by a girl, just get into mind so shared with you all. So, here's an invitation to all freaks just come here to delight urself and share ur experiences or moments which u have spent with ur friends.

Cheers !!!