Sunday, April 25, 2010

Whatever !

"Whatever" is the word which has been mostly uttered by me but what is the exact truth behind this, is just known by the people who knows me better than me. Might, people think that i am having high attitude or big nose... lol :) :)May be 'coz.. As i always turn off explanations and normally instead of explaining my side or justifying me i said "Whatever" which might hurt others somewhere but i feel this has to be understand by the people who actually think that they are part of my life. Still for strangers, I am what i am either accept me or leave me. Explanations...naff off!! Well, i am not writing today's post for being so philosophical or making others so. It's just as i got to recall my habit of saying "whatever" and got a notion to share it on my blog.

Sometimes, i feel life is becoming critical day by day when i need to resolve those issues which normally brings me into high dilemma. But sometimes, i feel life is just like that what we want to and try to take best out of each and every day to be happy. When decision itself gets tired to reach at its final destination, i just say "Whatever".

Love is a word which is still unknown by me.

Love is...........

  • when i used to put my head in my mother's lap and she slowly moves her hand between my hairs.
  • when my kido use to say dad, u r here and play with me.
  • when my dad cares about me and wait for me till i will be home.
  • when my beloved says "I love You"

What is love ?

when i don't get the appropriate reply than i often says :


Well, wel, well teme guys when will you use this word in your daily routine. It's truly exciting !! Try this and post your comments upon...

Till then c ya all soon !



Dinesh said...

Normally i say "whatever" when anybody says OMG! what will happen now ? i think normally people use this word when they don't know what will be the next. It depends how we are taking it as u said that it's normally considered as attitude. Yeah but as i am a very down to earth person and very rare use this word in daily routine. But one thing i would like to say that ur post is interesting. I neva eva think of writing on a single word. keep up! Njoi...!

Anonymous said...

Hey Bobby, No updations.. I read your blog often but I have noticed that you haven't update your blog on regular basis. Well, hope to hear from your end soon !!


amrita said...

You must be a deep thinker and practical person.. Nice attitude !!

Keep it up!!

Daisy said...
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Daisy said...
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chalsea said...